✿ Robert COOMBS ✿

Born in 1970 in Salt Lake City, Utah (U.S.), Robert Coombs is a painter of female figures whose time-period is illusive in that they wear simple clothing that features the subject rather than the era in which it was worn. His interest in art began as a youngster, and his future as an artist was helped with his receipt of a scholarship to Utah State where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2000.
"There are certain visual things, usually very simple, that trigger an emotional response within me and within others. It may be a gesture, a shape, a color or any number of things. What is important is that it invokes a response within me. My desire then, is to try to recognize and capture that element which has stirred my soul, as feeble as my attempts may be, in the hope that it may be experienced by another and ultimately lift them in a positive way."   - Robert Coombs -

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