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At first glance, these gorgeous images by Pakayla Rae Biehn appear to be really impressive double-exposure photographs. What may surprise you is that they're actually photo-realistic paintings!
The San Francisco-based artist started painting double exposures because of an eye condition she was born with called Strabismus. "My paintings are based on the side effects I encounter from this condition," Pakayla tells us in a previous interview.
"The simplest explanation of my disease is that the muscles in my eyes do not communicate with the other and each eye struggles for dominance. I can not focus both my eyes on a single point in space at the same time and this fight between them is what causes double vision."
The stunning artwork Pakayla creates not only speaks volumes about her skills as an artist, it's a testament to the beautiful and prevalent human being she truly is.

E ...
mi amerò
su di te
nel tuo
Corolle di fuoco

tratto da "Se..." di ~ Catherine La Rose ~

San Francisco-based artist Pakayla Biehn was born with strabismus - a disorder in which her eyes failed to align correctly, causing double vision. Corrective glasses and three eye surgeries later, Pakayla has drawn inspiration from her childhood experience to create beautiful paintings that play on the duality she encountered every day.
A big supporter of the marriage between technology and the arts, Pakayla relies on photoshop to merge two images (often those of fellow artists Tamara Lichtenstein and Jeff Enlo) resulting in a double exposure photograph. She then projects this image onto a blank canvas and using oil and acrylic, produces stunning pieces of work that explore “the passage of time and thought, the eternal and durable, sustainability versus impermanence…things that are usually, but don’t necessarily have to be, mutually exclusive.”

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