Peter Worswick was born in Blackburn, Lancashire in 1960 Peter showed early artistic talent but upon leaving school he trained as an electrician only painting in his spare time. It was a further 5 years before he decided to commit himself to painting on a full time basis.
Mainly self taught, Peter describes his images as realist, sensual and modern. He works in oil and other mediums but he prefers pastel as he find that it lends itself very well to the textures he paints. It allows him to create images that combine both rich and delicate colours along with numerous textures. This attention to detail enables him to create beautiful and highly sought after figurative works.
Over the years Peter has developed his own distinctive style. His tremendous talent has been rewarded by invitations to exhibit at many prestigious galleries throughout the UK and he has numerous paintings in private collections in the UK and abroad.
Peter draws his inspiration from many sources, including wildlife and landscapes but it is figurative work which he excels. "I find that the female form combined with various materials of silk, velvet, lace etc... provide me with all the inspiration I need. The possible combinations are endless.

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