'Ogni sera ti catturo...
consumo gli ultimi istanti
tra la gola ed il celato pianto
Ogni sera ti chiedo
prendi una lacrima e
rimandala al fato se puoi..
Non ricordo se mai l'ho desiderata prima...'

Tratto da "Tutto tornerà come prima" di

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Nathalie Mulero-Fougeras was born in 1970 in Lyon, France.
The last of 5 generations of artists, she discovers painting in her mother's studio.
At the age of 19, she settled in Paris for a few years and studied Art History, restauration of old paintings, pastel and painting.
Today, she lives in the south of France, with her husband and cat, Sayuri.
Her painting (in a few words) : graphic, monochromatic, representational, contemporary, feminine, feminist?!, poetic, soulful...
What she likes (in a few words) : Asia, Gothic culture, Japanese comic strips (mangas), black, white, red, Tim Burton's movies, crime novels, her family, metal music, Romanticism, flowers, butterflies, her cat Sayuri, chocolate...

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