Michael KLEIN ✿

Forse tarderà
l'ultima foglia d'Autunno
che allo scorgere fulgido
dei tuoi pensieri
al cospetto dei miei
parla ancora d'Amore...

~ Catherine La Rose© ~
tratto da "Incanto e disincanto in minuetto"

Michael Klein, 1980 is an American realist painter currently living and working in Argentina. His artwork, meticulously planned and executed, shows a wonderful mastery of subtle color and tone control which belies his young age. Not yet in his thirties, Klein has already amassed an incredible body of work, and has secured representation with one of the nation's premier contemporary realist galleries, Arcadia Fine Arts Gallery in New York City. When he and his wife move back to the United States in 2010, his return will be marked by his second solo show with the SoHo gallery. Clearly, his is a career on the rise, and one which shows the fruits of hard work and an unrelenting dedication to one's craft.

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