✿ Lluís RIBAS ✿

Lluis Ribas, born in 1949 in Masnou, Barcelona, has been painting since the age of 9 and he also has a long experience of illustration and photography, as well as a degree in advertising.
Since 1975 he has dedicated his time exclusively to painting, and his work has been the focus of over 80 individual exhibitions. In 1995 Lluis Ribas opened his own gallery in Spain, where both his own work and that of other artistic colleagues can be viewed.
Currently Lluis Ribas lives and works near to Barcelona, but he also spends long periods of time on the island of Mallorca, where he finds the warm light of the Mediterranean Sea a source of inspiration for his art.
Lluis Ribas has presented his works at 88 individual expositions and participated in numerous collective shows. He has priticipated in a number of art fairs, including: InterArte (Valencia, Spain), Arco (Madrid, Spain), EuropArt (Geneva, Switzerland), Broncanters and Galeristes (Palma de Mallorca, Spain), EuroAntica (Palma de Mallorca, Spain), ArtExpo (Barcelona, Spain).

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