Craig TRACY~Bodypainting ✿

Craig Tracy has painted hundreds of amazing images on human canvases.
"It is my intent to continue to explore and expand the perceptions and boundaries of this most ancient, alluring, and contemporary art form." ~ Craig Tracy

Born and Raised in New Orleans La, Craig Tracy has always been an Artist. Craig credits New Orleans with it's authentic and vibrant culture as a significant factor in what is at the heart of his passion, creativity and bliss. His parents and their “Hippie” nonconformist principles were instilled firmly in the young artist. Coincidentally, it was that same hippie movement that re-ignited the soon to be interest and practice of Bodypainting in the western world. As a graduate with honors from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, It was his regained freedom to paint for himself and individuals and on a limitless variety of surfaces that lead him to his inclusion of faces and then full bodies. Considered a cornerstone in Bodypaintings progressive movement, today Craig Tracy Bodypaints exclusively as well he owns and operates the very first art gallery in the world dedicated to fine art Bodypainted images. The gallery allows even the most seasoned art collectors and novices alike to see and experience first hand what Bodypainting is ultimately capable of expressing.

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  1. These are some amazing and awesome body painting pictures i ever seen. It was more different from the other body painting pictures it is looking great.

  2. There are amazing body painting designs. You have great experience to draw professional and attractive paintings. Kids Face Painting


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