✿ Artavazd TALALYAN ✿

Artavazd Talalyan born in Yerevan, Armenia. From 1980 to 1984 studied in Yerevan State Fine Arts college after P. Terlemezyan, then from 1987 to 1993 studied in Yerevan State Theatrical academy of Fine Arts. Since 1999 is member of Armenian Artists’ Union. Exhibitions: In 1991 “Graphics 91” republic exhibition, Armenia, in 1992 exhibition in Armenian Embassy in Moscow, in 1993 group exhibition in Culture and Art Center after Abu-Dabi in United Arabic Emirates, in 1994 personal exhibition at the American Embassy in Armenia, in 1998 exhibition of modern Armenians in Australia, in 1998 exhibition in San- Paulo in Brazil, in 2002 exhibition devoted to the 70 anniversary of the Armenian Artists Union, in 2003 “Graphic” republic exhibition in Armenian Artists Union, Armenia, in 2004 “Graphic-Sculpture” exhibition in Armenian Artists Union, Armenia, in 2007 exhibition in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

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