✿ Eduardo ARGÜELLES ✿

Eduardo Argüelles is a Brazilian born painter, cardiologist and university professor. Argüelles began painting at 48 years of age, and sustains up to today, his status of self-taught artist. To achieve higher levels of quality with his drawings, Argüelles adept the classic style, briefly transitioned to symbolist painting, leading to his current phase. Amazed with exquisiteness and perfection, especially of woman, Argüelles has the aptitude to create and/or recreate figures of extraordinary buoyancy and lucidity superimposing images that are, sometimes, indistinct. The result of that is what we can refer to "oneiric figurative". In his path, the painter participated in more than seventy of individual and cooperative exhibitions. Eduardo Argüelles is a member of “Ordem do Mérito das Belas Artes” -Merit Order of Fine Arts- and, holds an academic title at the “Academia Brasileira de Belas Artes.

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