Al ricordo...
il tuo sguardo
le tue labbra sulle mie
i tuoi baci...
mi fiorì
un sorriso...
Mi cullai tutta
come nuvola
tra i venti
e gigli

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Ann Marshall grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and earned her BFA from School of Visual Arts in New York City. She has worked in a gallery, illustrated an award winning children’s book on the Holocaust, and traveled nationally and internationally as an ethnographer and consumer anthropologist . Her fine art work has been exhibited in New York City’s Gallery at Lincoln Center. She now works as a portrait and fine artist, working with a combination of traditional media and paper collage.
''About My Work:
Because of the drastic scale reduction necessary for the web, there's often a lot of confusion regarding my work. All figure work is done by hand, using either oil paint or pastel. The collage work is similarly low tech, constructed with scissors and an ever changing array of non -toxic glues. ''

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