✿ Pauline GAGNON

Pauline Gagnon was born in Québec, Canada, 1955. After having spent two decades in the non-figurative style, Pauline Gagnon has adopted the portrait as the major genre of her work. Her larger than life portraits include oriental and calligraphic signs.

Pauline Gagnon’s process is very specific. She first takes hundreds of pictures of her models, then goes on to work on her approach, her angle and structure. The artist explains: “ I do not paint from the model in a classical way, but I take a series of picture of him/her, one hundred, two hundred, which I reframe on the computer, I print a few copies that I enlarge to a square. A centimeter square of the photographs becomes ten centimeters square of the canvas. With this grid traced on the canvas as a guide, I paint with large strokes the face or the silhouette and then freed from the constraint of representation, I paint in between the lines”.
- Derrière ces visage immobile se dégage en réalité une image d’immortalité; quelque chose qui conduit dans l’extase de l’éternité. Pour se resumer, l’artiste nous fait replonger dans le sempiternel imaginaire mythique tout en restant totalement contemporain.-

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