✿ Kathrin LONGHURST ✿

'Resta con me
ad accendere luce
nei miei occhi sui tuoi...
Poterti guardare
mentre mi accarezzi...
Potermi godere
nei tuoi bagni di vento
colmi di vezzo...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~ 
tratto da "Stai con me"

Kathrin Longhurst is a Sydney fine artist, specialising in fine art oil paintings, oil portraits and figurative artwork and flower paintings
"My art is about desire, the desire to show how every woman can be transformed by letting her inner being shine through. By removing, the mask of self-doubt and changing a world that says women must conform to unrealistic images that are portrayed on countless glossy women’s magazines.
My desire is to show through an ultra feminine style how women can see themselves if they choose. This idea stands in complete opposition to the proletarian and rather masculine art of East Germany where I grew up. This has become a visual response to my early life experience: like a gesture of artistic liberation. My paintings aim to fulfil a quest for beauty and luxury, which I was denied when growing up in Eastern Europe .
I started my arts life by taking life-drawing classes at 14 and have since developed an intense interest in the human shape, particularly the female form. It has taken me almost 20 years to realise my calling in life and become a full time artist.
My work is contemporary; I paint mainly in oils, enjoying bright colours, sometimes using only primary or secondary colours and often layering the paint to bring out the almost three dimensional images. My style is also deeply influenced by the year I spent in Belgium ; through the delicate and elaborate detail of “Art Nouveau” which I found there, this idea and visual concept now fill my paintings.
I live on Sydney ’s Northern Beaches where along with other artists, I’m a founding member of an artist co-op called “Northern Expressions”. I am also a committee member of the Portrait Artists Australia. My works exhibit frequently at galleries in Sydney , Queensland and the US . "
Kathrin Longhurst

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