Eric Peters is one of the most important contemporary young artists from the Bundesrepublik. The force of his painting fascinates, his pictures pull the eye of the observer into their spell. The artist's manual craftsmanship, the fantasy and creativity which are expressed in his pictures and the sometimes scurrilous themes of his subjects are each time cause fir an intense dialogue with his works of art. The artist's energy, his surety of colour and his expressive ability reflect questions which confront us all in everyday life: man and nature, the fragility of the natural environment and the need to protect the universe.
Eric Peters was born in Stolberg (near Aachen). In 1974 he graduated with distinction from the institute in Aachen; specialization "fashion design". In 1976 Eric Peters contributed to the Second Symposium of German and French Youth in Bordeaux. Created Pyramids of culture and science (Land Art in the Pyrenees)
In 1979- 1982 he designes furniture and makes it with his own hands. In 1982 Peters founds the Design- Pool Company.

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