Di Li FENG 邸立丰

Born in 1958 - Di Li Feng (邸立丰) is one of China's greatest contemporary artists, now working as Professor in the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, in China. Born in a small Chinese town, he graduated from the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts, the highest artistic institution in China, from where he took a postgraduate degree in 1990. However, his remarkable skills and his felicity in the representation of the grace, dignity and beauty of the Chinese people, rapidly brought him to the attention of art collectors outside China. Di Li Feng's oils have now been exhibited extensively in America, and particularly in Los Angeles and New York. Professor Di has also lectured at a number of American universities. In his work, Professor Di aims to combine the reality of a concrete object with the atmosphere created by an abstract texture and background. He has a particular admiration for the glories of China's imperial past, which forms the basis for many of his great paintings, and he declares that he is enchanted by its honour or disgrace, its tragedies, sadness, sentimentality and great joys.

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