Victor WANG ✿

'Sono in maltempo
in attesa di lacrime temporali
che qualcuno mi salvi
anche una mano con le ali
sollevarmi dal suolo del dolore
e buttarmi tra le braccia del sole...'

~ Catherine la Rose ~

Victor (Sheng) Wang is a Chinese born painter now living in the United States. He is a professor for the Department of Fine Arts at Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri and holds numerous awards for excellence in the field of fine art.
I’ve only recently become aware of Victor’s work and suffice it to say, I am in awe. Having the opportunity to read about Victor and view his work left me with an overwhelming sense of what it means to truly be an artist. I can honestly say its been a long time since I have seen work that depicts emotion so vividly… it truly is wonderful in every aspect.
My desire is to visualize the human sensitivity of the lost and found emotions upon my life experiences. Although I often gain great pleasure from the process of painting, it is most important to unfold expressively those sentiments within myself.

-Victor Wang-

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  1. very imasto colours and also bold application all are good paintings -- i like all


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