LI GUI JUN 李貴君 ✿

LI GUI JUN 李貴君 was born in Beijing in 1964
and he was graduated from the affiliated middle school and the Oil Painting Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts successively.
In 1985, his oil painting artwork “The 140 Studio” participated in the “Artwork Exhibition of International
Young Artists” held by the China National Museum of Fine Arts and won an award.
In 1986, his oil painting artwork “In the Corridor” participated “The First Artwork Exhibition
by Members of the Beijing Young Artists Association” held by the China National Museum of Fine Arts.
In 1989, his oil painting artwork “Transparent Glass” participated in The Seventh National Artwork
Exhibition held by the Shanghai Art Museum.
In 1999, his oil painting "Warm Flower", "A Sunday Again", "Tongherili" and "Drizzle and Breeze" were exhibited
on the fifth "Female Figure Exhibition" held by the Shaoli Gallery in Honk Kong. 

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