✿ László GULYÁS ✿

László GULYÁS born in Budapest, Hungary in 1960,graduated at the Academy of Fine and Applied Arts. Laszlo continued his studies as a student of the Academy of Fine Arts between 1983 and 1987. He has been member of the National Society of Hungarian Artists since 1987.
The artist developed his individual world of images and acquired the painting techniques
of the early masters of painting under the influence of the universal art of Rembrandt.
This is what makes him distinct form his contemporaries.
He seems to be charmed by the revival of heritage rather than by demolishing the art of painting or by recording its death struggle.
In his works he applies the contrastive effects of the light and the shade with brilliant skills.
Besides the clear colours his sketching appears to be remarkable.
The principal values of his gift are exhibited in his portrays of his family, which are full of vitality and harmony.

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