Jason deCaires TAYLOR ✿

'Ero illuminata
dalle prime luci dell'alba
in un mistico preludio
mi sento avvolgere

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Underwater Sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor
400 life-size figures. Depth 9m Cancun / Isla Mujeres, Mexico/Grenada West Indies

Jason deCaires Taylor was born in 1974 to an English father and Guyanese mother, spending the earlier part of his life growing up in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. Educated in South East England, he graduated in 1998 from Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London, with a B.A.Honours in Sculpture and Ceramics. He is also a fully qualified diving instructor, underwater naturalist and award winning underwater photographer, with over 14 years of diving experience in various countries.

In May 2006 he gained international recognition for creating the world’s first underwater sculpture park in Grenada, West Indies. His underwater sculptures, designed to create artificial reefs for marine life to colonise and inhabit, embrace the transformations wrought by ecological processes. The works engage with a vision of the possibilities of a sustainable future, portraying human intervention as positive and affirmative. Drawing on the tradition of figurative imagery, the aim of Jason de Caires Taylor’s work is to address a wide-ranging audience crucial for highlighting environmental issues beyond the confines of the art world. However, fundamental to understanding his work is that it embodies the hope and optimism of a regenerative, transformative Nature.

The sculptures are sited in clear shallow waters to afford easy access by divers, snorkellers and those in glass-bottomed boats. Viewers are invited to discover the beauty of our underwater planet and to appreciate the processes of reef evolution.
Jason is currently resident in Mexico as Artistic Director of the new Cancun Underwater Museum.”

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  1. No contento con antroposofizar toda la superficie de la Tierra, y como si ya no fueramos pocos, ahora se les da por poner estatuitas humanas en uno de los únicos lugares donde aún se puede contemplar lo natural.


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