Jaroslav KOURBANOV ✿

anche l'unico
canto libero
d'una Capinera
lasciami tacere
su un labiale silenzio del fato...

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Jarorlav Kourbanov - Ярослав Курбановwas born in Makhachkala Russian, 1968 , Dagestan and graduated from the Jamal Dagestan Art College. Following his service in the army, he enrolled in painting and theater at the Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture under artist Eduard Kachirgin, artistic director of St. Petersburg’s famous Big Dramatic Theater. As a student in the theatrical program, Kurbanov studied intensively with the regular painting students. He also took six additional years of coursework in set and costume design. The art of the Renaissance has been a powerful influence on Kurbanov, especially the work of Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci. He also spent hours copying the Flemish masters at St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum. Kurbanov is known for his figurative paintings. His forms are simplified and sensual, emphasizing sinuous lines and smooth flesh. The mood becomes quiet and introspective. Kurbanov’s female subjects often appear close to the viewer, filling the picture plane. When the composition is cut off, an interesting perspective is created and the figure seems to share the viewer’s space. Subjects that are larger than life take on a contemporary feel with a heightened sense of drama. Kourbanov’s paintings are in private and institutional collections in Russia, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, Finland, and The United States. Collections include the city of Genoa, and that of the former American Consul in St. Petersburg. Kurbanov exhibits extensively, with notable one-man shows in the German cities of Muenster, Wetslar, Berlin, Hamburg, Nuernberg, and Cologne, as well as in St. Petersburg, Russia and Amsterdam, Holland. Additionally, he has been featured in group shows in Holland, Germany, Russia, China, Mexico, Finland, Chechia, Italy, France, Belgium, and the United States. Kourbanov is included in the book, Tradition Rediscovered: The Finley Collection of Russian Art, published by CommonPlace Publishing.

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