✿ Carsten WITTE

parte di me sei...

E mi abbevero di te
dalla tua bocca
del tuo respiro divino
appeso ad un filo
al limite della liberazione

~ Catherine La Rose©2018 ~
tratto da un'edita

Io ho te
di piacere
della notte
in randagio

~ Catherine La Rose©2012 ~

Carsten Witte born in Hamburg Germany in 1964, Studies of Visual Arts and Photography at FH Bielefeld, Internships and assistances to several Photographers. Collaboration with photographer Angela Bergling from 1987-1995.
Starting with Editorial and Campaign Photography I turned towards Art in 2004. Several exhibitions since then all over the world.
Uncovered beauty of the female body and true emotions in the eyes of every model, conceptual yet strongly meaningful visual associations, balancing between provocative nature of the nude photography and deep understanding of true art aesthetics – this is how the art photographs by Carsten Witte appear before the eyes of the audience. Being a well-established fashion photographer, Carsten has elevated nude photography to the levels, where it is no longer about simple exposing of the naked female bodies; instead, it is about exposing the entire microcosm of each model with her deep personal emotions and feelings. The photographer reveals this mysterious universe, where physical body is only a part of it, with the help of highly skillful play with light and shadows, color and contrast manipulations. Combining female bodies with live nature objects, such as plants in his “Gold” series, or butterflies in “Psyche” line of art photos, Carsten Witte gives hints to better understand his works, leaving though the final verdict up to a viewer and his personal perception of the particular art piece.
Albert Einstein Award
Golden Award Montreux
Selected Exhibitions:
2007 Blüten Apropos Gallery Cologne
2008 Gold Kunstbureau Paris
2009 Confusion Purity Gallery Monika Mohr Hamburg
2010 Beautycollector Galerie Holbein Hannover
2011 Psyche Dansk Svenska Kompaniet Sweden

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