✿ Albert-Joseph Pénot (1870 -1930) ✿

Albert-Joseph Pénot (1870 – 1930) a painter of the French school, painted genre scenes and interiors featuring nudes and church officials. He studied under the noted artist Gabriel Ferrier, who is represented in museums throughout France. A member of the Societaire des Artistes Francais from 1909 on, Penot exhibited successfully in the Paris Salons. There he was awarded an honorable mention in 1903 and a third place medal in 1908. Morbid female bodies, which recalls Bourgerois, charged with a delicate sensuality. Penot’s female figures are morbid femme fatale, with a taste of gothic and bizarre, as in the paintings “Bat-woman” and “Depart pur le Sabbat”, thus recalling the work and the style of Falero.

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