Judy DREW part.1

Judy Drew is one of Australia's most talented and exciting female artists, having a loyal and devoted following with a history of opening night sell out exhibitions. Drew's images are infused with an impressionist sensibility towards colour and form and being a colourist work's her medium of pastel to new limits. Drew's paintings speak for themselves. The sensitive and intimate portrayal of her subjects will no doubt further cement her growing reputation as one of Australia's leading traditional artists. Born in 1951 Drew studied Graphic Art at Prahran College of Art in Melbourne. She has won numerous awards including the Omega Contemporary Art Prize and the Portrait Prize, Melbourne Savage Club. From 1976 - 1984 Drew lived and worked on Bougainville Island. Her love for figurative work began there and her sensitive portraits of the Bougainvillian people attracted growing attention both on the island and internationally.

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  1. Esta es la mejor página dedicada a tu trabajo. Las pinturas son excelentes !!


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