'Occhi tuoi che su tela
non vedono
ma parlano
come un petalo
stai nella rosa
e come una rosa
sei il sussurro profumo
di una rosa...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~

37 year old russian painter Slava Groshev started painting six years ago, when he lived in Montreal." I happend to start make paintings. I always knew I can do that, but I never had time and opportunity for it. So I started to work hard, ten hours a day , six days a week. I'm sure - the Art is toil. Of course, I was trained in drawing and painting, composition, etc., at first, four years in private art-school, than, a couple of years with lecturers from Moscow's Stroganov Art Institute. Paintings are, on the whole, in Canada, USA and Europe." Crisp, vibrant and sharp, Slava' Groshev's figurative work could easily lull you into thinking that it is, or at the very least, uses digital photography in its creation. Don't get fooled… Slava's beautiful works follow in the footsteps of some of the great painting masters of our time, and are in fact created with the old fashioned paint brush. An unquestionable abundance of talent has lead to Slava's works held in private collections in Canada, America and throughout Europe and have become the investors choice.

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