✿ Roi JAMES ✿

Fino ad un attimo fà
non credevo di leggere
la mia anima
nell'appena percepibile
di un frullo d'ali...

~ Catherine La Rose ~

"Simply Beautiful"
These words are those most often used to describe the work of Roi James. His paintings of transcendent landscapes, mystical figure portraits, and meditative abstracts all acknowledge James to be a painter who is continually exploring and refining his technique. The diversity of his styles and the fluency in which he paints reveal that innate ability often described as a gift, but which is truly the result of a deep conviction and dedication towards his creative expression. His work resides in many prestigious private collections throughout central Texas and the United States.
"I’ve spent several years building a spiritual home within me that would nurture a belief in myself as an artist, a space that would allow for the materialization of my hopes, dreams, and aspirations. These hopes and dreams have been so delicate yet resilient. Looking back on my life I am utterly amazed that they not only survived the most trying of times but grew and are now materializing before my eyes.
The fulfillment of these hopes and dreams has little to do with whether I have the power to carry them out and more to do with my willingness to receive them, to let them fill that space that has always been there for them alone. That means being willing to experience the joy and the pain of living the dream.
My painting is part of the realization of these dreams. Creating a painting is about communicating what is in my heart more than anything else. Every painting involves vulnerability and risk, and my willingness to release what is within me. When I am open to creating without condition or expectation, I render the most satisfying and fulfilling paintings.
I am careful with my subject matter. Realizing that what I paint is what is true or becomes true for me, I choose to paint what supports the realization of my hopes and dreams. Each painting is an affirmation to my spirit, an icon to remind me of what it is I strive for, of what I want to release, and the freedom which is available to me every moment of every day if I’m willing to accept it. My challenge has always been to accept this grace, and I find myself more able to do so many times throughout each day of my life. It is always available and it is always my choice. " - Roi James -

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