Dona a me
tutto il piccante sapore di brama
ubriacarmi la mente
il palato
per le mie labbra
d'intingolo pepato...

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Sei come ti voglio
anche se
non sei posseduto
dai miei ultimi pensieri

~ Catherine La Rose©2016 ~
Tratto da "Sei come ti voglio"

Russian born Canadian painter, 1989 Ivan Alifan Jdanov. Ivan’s greatest passion is art. Each of Ivan’s work has a unique signature. The eye represents the the concept of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, where each individual has a different perception of beauty. “I hope my paintings have opened your eyes and change your look on life…” says Ivan. “Art is beyond an image of perception and creativity. Art is part of the past, present, future, where one can interpret their own view. Painting allows me as an artist to express my strengths or my vulnerability. Each brushstroke builds up a story, a life and, a passion.”

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