Virginia PECK ✿

The word Buddha in Sanskrit means ‘to be awakened’
...Expressed in art,
Buddhas are not objects of worship,
but mirrors of our innermost being,
icons of the journey from ignorance to illumination.
~ Ian A. Baker ~

Virginia Peck is an artist whose work engages the viewer at a strongly visceral level. Her paintings are vividly colorful and luminous with an underlying texture...Faces predominate...There is a haunting, surreal quality to many of them. They are startlingly beautiful and do not easily release your attention.” Cliff Hauptman, editor of the Brandeis Review, reviewing show at Alpers Fine Art, Andover, MA, in the fall of 2000. Growing up in New Jersey, I supplemented my school art classes at the Princeton Art Association. While attending George School, a Quaker school in Newtown, Pennsylvania, I traveled by train to the Philadelphia College of Art Saturday classes and summer courses at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art. Coming to Massachusetts, I graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) with a degree in painting. For 10 years I worked as a freelance illustrator for clients such as Reebok, The Boston Globe, Doubleday Books and many others. After my children were grown, in 1997 I once again took up personal painting. Since then I have had numerous solo and 2-person shows and have become part of many private collections through my gallery affiliations with Alpers Fine Art in Andover, and Newbury Fine Arts in Boston, as well as a few other galleries, and the annual alumni sale at the SMFA.

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