Sharon SPRUNG part.3 ✿

Come quando sei qui...
Amo immaginare
che stringerai a resinare
la nostra corteccia d'Amore

~ Catherine La Rose©2018 ~
Tratto da "Come quando sei qui"

Osamu OBI ✿

Osamu Obi è nato a Kanagawa, in Giappone nel 1965. Si diploma nel 1988 alla Musashino Art University, Dipartimento di Pittura ad Olio. Nel 1990 completa il Master in Pittura ad olio, Musashino Art University. Espone al Museo centrale di Tokyo. Partecipa alla mostra del premio Yasui. Nel 1996 partecipa all'esposizione di scambio tra pittori olandesi sudcoreani e giapponesi (Yokohama e Seul).

Lamberto MELINA ✿

 E ci ho lasciato un respiro
a questo sogno
da sparare in testa
al destino...

~ Catherine La Rose ~

Albert HENRY COLLINGS (1868 -1947) ✿

Albert Henry Collings (1868 -1947) was an English artist most notable for his portraiture. Collings was born, trained, and lived all his life in London. Working in oils, water-colour, and pastel, he specialised in figure subjects and portraits, for which he received a number of official commissions. He exhibited for many years at the Royal Society of British Artists, showing a total of 98 works and being elected a member in 1897. He also supported the Royal Academy (29 works, 1896–1938) and the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, and showed at the Paris Salon, where he was awarded a gold medal for a portrait in 1907. t notable for his portraiture.

William OXER ✿

Abbott HANDERSON THAYER (1849-1921) ✿


Aaron Westerberg is a classically trained oil painter that explores visual poetry with subtlety and nuance. Westerberg, born in San Diego, CA in 1974, has developed a style of painting informed by the works of American and European masters like Edmund Tarbel, John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn and others.

Yigal OZERI ✿

Ti guardo...
mi chiedo
se ho paura di perderti

è la paura di averti...
Ma mai ti dirò
non tormentarmi più l'anima...'

~ Catherine La Rose ~