Non addormentarti Amore ~ Catherine La Rose

Non addormentarti Amore

Veglia su di me
cuor mio
come fossi l'ultima candela
da consumare lenta

Io vorrei, ma non posso ~ Catherine La Rose

Io vorrei, ma non posso
che in tacito sussulto
piomberei sulle tue
labbra dove
neanche la memoria
ha il tuo bacio nascosto

Il Guerriero delle Stelle ~ Catherine La Rose

Ti ho rincorsa in sogno
strappata dal tuo primordiale incubo
lottato con le oscure maree
abbracciati i tuoi abbandoni
i tradimenti
le tue paure placate
il tuo tempo fermo
d'illusioni e speranze
riemerso a remare



Liu Yaming (刘亚明) is a professional chinese painter. Born in 1962 in Sichuan Province, he studied in the Department of Film Studies at Beijing Film Academy in 1986 and worked as the artist and art designer for some popular Chinese TV series.

Kirsten SAVAGE ✿

Se penso
ti Amo
nell'immenso pensiero
e se penso
mi ami
al solo pensiero...

~ Catherine La Rose©2018 ~
tra da "Se penso a te"

Val MUHIN (Vladimir Muhin) ✿


Vitold Smukrovich’s art is characterized by lyrical treatment of his subjects –mostly flowers, landscapes, and romantic figurative paintings. The art he creates blends a mix of Russian realistic school, French impressionism and influences of Art Deco and Art Nouveau.
Vitold Smukrovich (Витольд Смукрович), born 1967 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
He has had many exhibitions in Russia, as well as internationally. Including multiple appearances in the International Art Salon, Moscow, Russia and the “New Generation of Russian Art” exhibitions in Holland. His work is collected around the world, by prominent patrons in Russia, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, France, Holland, Norway and Finland.

Anup GOMAY ~ Indian Beauty ✿ part.2

Anup GOMAY ~ Indian Beauty ✿