Anatoly Piatkevich/ Анатолий Петкевич was born in 1969 in a small town in the heart of Belarus, once a Republic of the former Soviet Union. The countryside has a mixture of serene forests, rivers, meadows and ruins of old castles and other remnants of his predecessors. He recalls fondly that his childhood home was filled with paintings of Belarus landscapes as painted by his mother and grandmother. After three years of hard work as an army artist, He ventured to Minsk with the goal of attending an art college.



Albin VESELKA ~ Children ✿

Albin Veselka (1979) is a talented painter from Rexburg, Idaho. He started his interest in art in an very early age and developed his skills through education and hard work. Albin received his BFA in Brigham Young University Idaho. In his figurative paintings, he convey emotions which make you wonder who they are or what their story is.


Evan Wilson, is american painter born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama,in 1953. He showed interest in art at an early âge when University of Alabama art professor and family friend Richard Brough provided him with painting materials and inspiration.

Non andare Amore ~ Catherine La Rose

non andare
non lasciarmi di nuovo
nel vuoto a volare...

Karl Reinhold CALLMANDER (1840 -1922) ✿

 Karl Reinhold Callmander (1840 -1922) swedish painter


Kimberly DOW, 1968 ✿

Kimberly Dow American painter, 1968 born in Corpus Christi, Texas,United States
My name is Kimberly Dow - and I've been a professional gallery-represented artist for 20 years now. I do a variety of subjects, but tend to concentrate on figuratives in oil these days. I have an extensive resume, gallery representation, awards, magazine articles and well known collectors.

Mark Eliot LOVETT ✿

Karen WONG ✿

Senza guardare indietro
metto sul passato una pietra
labbra ruvide
a dimenticare...

~ Catherine La Rose©2018 ~

tratto da "Il viandante viaggio"

Ascolta il cuore di chi ti ama ~ Catherine La Rose

Ascolta il cuore di chi ti ama
Dai tuoi occhi si nota
l'opale spento
lo smarrimento