Renata SPORCIC ✿

Renata Sporcic was born in Zagreb, Croatia and gratuated from School of Applied Arts in Zagreb in 1988. 
2012 is the first year she came out as an artist. Originally based in Soho, NYC since 1996, Renata is spending her creative time on a farm near Toronto Canada, where she focused full time on art while being surrounded and inspired by nature and simple things in life.
Her Oriental Revivalism work is depicted by precise technical style deriving it's influences from Modern Woman, Ancient Orient, World Cultures and Marine Life.
​Renata's work emanates power of ones positive feminine, vulnerable, and spiritual happiness, in a manner that allows one to see the unexpected, letting that new form become something tangible, feel the world through an artist's perception, open and pure. This positive light, joyous sense of the world, is evident even from the subtlest brush strokes of her individual artistic expression to allowing oneself to flourish in an innovative, unexpected story through each painting.

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